Know why MS Dhoni should be tried at number 4 in ODIs

As we know that Mahendra Singh Dhoni has contributed so much to Indian Cricket. Going into the 2019 World Cup, one major headache the Indian cricket team is facing in ODIs is the lack of effective middle order batsmen to occupy the batting positions from no. 4 to 6 resulting in top-heavy batting order followed by brittle middle order. If I were the selector, I would look at one problem as a solution to another by promoting Dhoni to No 4 position.

MS Dhoni at No 4 could bring in the kind of stability the Indian team is looking for at his own pace at the crease which will not be detrimental to the team’s cause. With his wealth of experience and his soothing presence in the middle and the 10,000 ODI runs behind him, Dhoni could play the role of a Rahul Dravid in ODIs. Among wicketkeepers, only the great Sangakkara is above him in terms of runs scored but Sangakkara was of different class and a specialist batsman first and then a wicket keeper.

By promoting Dhoni to No 4 there are more chances of Dhoni batting along with Virat Kohli and one can imagine the kind of running between the wicket these two can bring it to the fore. The team management can bring in a couple of new finishers at 5 & 6 who could also be part-time bowlers to make up the overs of Hardik Pandya, who again could be used as an effective finisher especially while chasing. This way the batting order looks more solid and effective to face up any challenge.

MS Dhoni is a spectacular keeper and some of his stumpings and run outs were really out of the world. He could walk into any international team purely on the basis of his wicketkeeping skills with his terrific batting and fading finishing skills as a bonus.

No one can match Dhoni’s commitment, fitness, determination and willingness to succeed not to forget his Midas touch. The Indian team management should recognise Dhoni’s value to the team as a specialist keeper, experienced middle-order batsman.

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