Pitch Fixing: One More Sting Operation,One Player and Gaul Pitch Curator have been Suspended.

After the matter of pitch-fixing has surfaced, one player has been suspended in addition to the pitch curator of the Galle Stadium.

After the pitch fixing was revealed, the Sri Lankan Cricket Board (SLC) took a major decision. The SLC has suspended one player and one Groundsman. This sting operation has been done by Al Jazeera Channel. In the sting operation, both of them were ready to change the pitch after taking the money before the Test between England and Sri Lanka. After coming to the scene of this incident, the police has started its investigation.

Last year, between India and Sri Lanka, there is a doubt that the Test matches in Gaul have also been fixed. According to the channel, the pitch was tampered with for gaining the desired result by giving money to the ground staff for both these Test matches.

SLC said in a statement that in addition to the pitch curator of the Galle Stadium who talked about pitch fixing in the sting operation, one player has been suspended. Apart from this, the Cricket Board has also filed a criminal case against it in the local police.

Al Jazeera released a documentary related to fixing on Sunday. In which Colombo player Tharindu Mendis and Gaul’s pitch curator Tharanga Indica were looking for an under-cover agent for a Test against England that would result in 4 days.

Tharindu Mendis is a wicket-keeper batsman who has played 104 first-class matches in Sri Lanka’s domestic cricket. In these matches, the player has scored 3879 runs, with 2 centuries and 23 half-centuries. This player, who was playing on behalf of the Colombo Cricket Club, used to go to the Galle grounds, Tharindu Mendis conducted the event together with the curator.

On Saturday, the ICC had said in this case that the names of two Sri Lankan players and one Indian in the sting operation have surfaced. Videos have been requested for this from related channels. So that the matter could be examined in depth.

After coming out of this sting operation, the SLC has formed a three-member committee. Whoever does not have corruption in the forthcoming tournament in Sri Lanka, will look into it. Earlier, the former pitch curator of the Gaul International Stadium, Jayaananda Virarvira has already been involved in anti-corruption investigations. The ICC has imposed a three-year ban on them.

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