Sanju Samson fails in yo-yo test, out of India A Squad

There is bad news for Sanju Samson, who was selected in India ‘A’ team to tour England after high scoring in IPL. The reason for his visit to the bar is the Yo-Yo Test. According to sources, this young wicketkeeper of Kerala has failed in the Yo Yo Test, after which the BCCI has refused to accept the 23-year-old batsman to take the tour to England.

The team led by Shreyas Iyer, left for Delhi from London on Saturday, but did not get to Sanju. The reasons for not knowing their reason were not known at the time. In this regard, the Mumbai Mirror was informed by sources that Sanju Samson failed to score 16.1, which the Indian team has made a benchmark for the team.

The Yo-Yo Test of the team, which went to England three days before the National Cricket Academy (NCA) in Bengaluru, was held. Sources said that Sanju failed in the test. Now, when the team has left, such a player will soon be sent to England as replacement for Sanju.

For the Ireland and England announced one-day and T-20 team fitness test on June 15 and 16. Earlier, the Yo-Yo test was done for the Indian players involved in the team for the historic Test match played against Afghanistan, although all those players in the Test were successful.

We tell you that in the 11th season of IPL 2018, Sanju Samson was picked up by Rajasthan Royals for a huge amount of Rs 8 crore. He spoke too loudly too. Playing on behalf of Rajasthan Royals, Sanju scored 441 runs in 15 innings. In a match against RCB, Sanju scored 92 runs in only 45 balls. During this time, he took only two rounds and ten skylights in his innings.

What’s the Yo-Yo Test?

In sports such as football, rugby, where there is a need for more urgency, this test is already done in such games. In the Yo-Yo test, two rows are made at a distance of 20 meters, with the help of several ‘cones’. The player starts with his foot on the back of the line and starts running as soon as the instructions are found. There is a continuous run between two rows made at 20 meters and when the beep starts, then it has to be turned.

The player has to accelerate the speed of his running every minute or in a given time. If he does not reach the line on time, he has to catch up fast after two more ‘beep’. Even after this, if the player does not accelerate according to the standards on two ends, then the test is stopped. The whole process is based on the software, in which the results are recorded. The Australian cricketer is considered to be the frontrunner in the Yo-Yo Test. His average score is 21 in this test.

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